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Dear Helmet Faithful,

It's been 25 years since I took out an ad in the Village Voice, formed Helmet & wrote my first Helmet song. I'm really excited to announce that in August of 2014 we will host the first ever Helmet Band Camp in Big Indian, NY with Music Masters Camps at Full Moon Resort!

I've really enjoyed conducting music/guitar master classes around the world from Tokyo to Brisbane, Los Angeles to Anchorage, Cleveland to Canberra but this camp will provide a unique opportunity for you to play with Helmet and get into how we write and arrange our songs.

We'll have large seminars as well as small group classes for guitarists, singers, bass players & drummers to explore the Helmet chord vocabulary, learn about how we approach rhythm & grooves and develop musical ideas, i.e. writing and arranging your own music.

We'll get into Helmet music theory 101 as I share my approach to playing solos & creating soundscapes for songs as well as the many movies I've played on. 

Thank you for a great 25 years, I hope you can make it!

- Page Hamilton

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Morning Sessions: Helmet to anchor each day with a live mini concert.  Each Concert will feature songs from the classic Helmet repertoire including: Meantime, Unsung, Ironhead, Wilma's Rainbow and more!

Collaborative Song Writing Seminar: This seminar will follow the morning concert with Page, Dan, Kyle and Dave spotlighting material from the concert to explain how they work together as a band to develop each section of a song. Every session will be open for questions and discussions will include writing/arranging songs & addressing harmony, melody, rhythm, form, text, how to start a song and how to know when it's finished. In addition,participants will be invited to join the band in an ensemble setting, providing an extraordinary opportunity for live participation.

Song Writing: Page will break popular selected songs into their component parts and analyze musical and thematic development.  Specific attention will be focused on building tension, developing and improving rhythms and time, harmony, lyrics etc.

Writing for Films: Page will offer a seminar dedicated to writing for films, thematic development vs texture & mood, how he works in Logic audio, sync to movie..starting a cue and knowing when it's right.

Producing Music: This seminar will focus on producing i.e. making music you didn't write, better. This gets into arranging every aspect of a song for recording, from sounds to patterns, lyrics etc

Playing in the Band: These sessions will be hosted by the full band and will address the intricacies of being in a band: band roles ("everyone plays time" - to paraphrase one of Monk's rules). Being a “band leader” means you pay attention to every musical detail from the hi-hat pattern to bass tone, respect for your band mates, know WHEN it's ok to hide lunchmeat in their luggage and when you need to encourage/challenge them in the studio.

Exploration of Musical Genres: Page will offer a series of thematic master classes with a focus on playing standard tunes solo jazz guitar style, and an ongoing exploration of various music genres outside of rock with the intention of expanding the musical vocabulary and building diversity into the player repertoire.

Evening Sessions: Each evening, following dinner, the band will perform and/or host jam sessions and ensembles.  The evening sessions are an opportunity to bring all the elements of the days seminars together into a celebration and performance atmosphere 

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Monday to Friday you will have access to all workshops, seminars, gourmet meals, performances, and camp activities. The only thing you have to do after signing up is get here!

All camp activities will be held at Full Moon Resort. Full Moon features an eclectic array of comfortable, rustic country-inn accommodations including simple B&B style guest rooms with shared hallway baths and guest rooms with private baths. “Primitive” campsites are also available. All accommodations are just steps away from daily music camp activities. The grounds offer one hundred acres of meadows, forests and streams providing a natural backdrop for an unforgettable, enriching experience.

Package Pricing
Note: Prices do not include applicable taxes or online processing fee

All-Inclusive Helmet Band Camp Packages:

  • $750  Tent Camping

  • $999  Double Occupancy, Shared Bath

  • $1,195 Double Occupancy, Private Bath

  • $1,495 Single Occupancy, Shared Bath

  • $1,695 Single Occupancy, Private Bath

Things to know before you register!
If you sign up for a double occupancy package, you will be placed with a roommate. You are given the opportunity to indicate your roommate preference on your registration form. Single occupancy packages do not require you to share a room. Shared-Hall bath accommodations are set up B&B style with restrooms located outside of your room but on the same floor. Private bath accommodations have private bathrooms in your room. Showers and restrooms are available for all tent campers. For more information on Full Moon Resort lodging and catering please CLICK HERE.

Registration, Payment and Cancellation Terms and Conditions:

Your decision to register for a Full Moon Resort Music Masters Camp, constitutes your acknowledgement of and consent to all of the registration, payment and cancellation terms and conditions listed below:

Registration and Payments:

  • All rates are per-person

  • All rates are subject to a 2% county tax and an 8% New York State Tax and a 2.75% online processing fee

  • Upon registration, a non-refundable deposit of $500 is charged to your credit card

  • 100% of the remaining balance due is automatically charged to the credit card on file on May 26, 2014

  • You may use an alternate payment method if it is received prior to May 26, 2014

  • Any registrations received after May 26, 2014, must be paid in full at the time of registration


  • All payments and deposits are non-refundable

  • Cancellations received before May 26, 2014 will not be charged the remaining balance

  • Cancellations received after May 26, 2014 will be charged the full remaining balance

Due to the nature of our events and strict cancellation policies, Creative Environments, LLC DBA Full Moon Resort strongly suggests purchasing travel insurance. 


In 1989, Page Hamilton co-founded the New York-based Helmet, fusing Zeppelinesque riffing with a vehement post-hardcore precision, augmented by dense chords and offbeat time signatures based in Hamilton's formal jazz training.  The combination was that rarest of visionary creations--it was successful in its own time.  After their 1990 debut album Strap It On (on revered indie label Amphetamine Reptile), Helmet unleashed the major label Meantime (1992), a widely acclaimed album that earned a Grammy nomination, went gold, and launched a thousand other bands.  Betty followed in 1994, successfully branching out from the band's ferocious attack and into more varied musical waters. Another acclaimed album Aftertaste followed in 1997 and after nine years and thousands of shows, Helmet called it a day in 1998.

Hamilton went on to do soundtrack work for major Hollywood movies like Catwoman, S.W.A.T., Titus, and Saw, among others, formed the band Gandhi, and, following in the footsteps of greats like Adrian Belew and Stevie Ray Vaughan, played lead guitar in David Bowie's band in 1999.  In 2004 Hamilton restarted Helmet, releasing two acclaimed albums--Size Matters in 2004, Monochrome in 2006--and Seeing Eye Dog in 2010.

Bands such as the Deftones, Rise Against, Pantera and Tool have all cited Helmet as an influence, and not just for Helmet's blistering, aggro approach but for the band's sheer musicality and brains.  See, Helmet, among other things, is a work of art.  Hamilton is a trained musician who happens to make heavy, brutal music, a guy who digs Bartok and Minor Threat. 

(845) 254-8009

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